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A quality control that enhances our reliability and gives strength to collaborations

A Quality Control that enhances our reliability and gives strength to collaborations

CNC Tessuti pays maximum attention to its supply chain, selecting the best in the field and establishing with them a stable and lasting relationship


The need for

In response to the ever increasing demand from customers for safe products of higher quality, each product is carefully checked at the origin through inspections carried out directly on-site by certified laboratories.


We analyze your product

Performance analysis

We commission performance analysis to evaluate properties, construction and resistance characteristics of the fabrics, to ensure maximum performance over time.

Physical-mechanical analysis

We carry out tests to evaluate the physical-mechanical characteristics of the fabrics, giving particular attention to dimensional stability (torsion, washing, stretching and recovery, etc.) and to its resistance (to traction, tearing, abrasion, pilling, etc.).

Chemical and ecological analysis

To verify compliance with the REACH regulation and international requirements. Its fulfilment is of fundamental importance to verify the absence of harmful substances and to protect the safety and health of consumers.

Specific analysis

Countless tests can be performed for the qualitative evaluation of fabrics. The collaboration with analysis laboratories allows us to provide specific tests in response to the particular needs of the tender specifications of our clients.