CNC Tessuti

We are CNC TESSUTI, a textile company chosen and appreciated by the most renowed fashion houses in the world. We predict new trends interpreting with experience and intuition the evolution of style.

The quality of our fabrics is perceived by the handfeel and proved by the high and long-lasting performance. We collaborate with certified analysis laboratories to ensure safety in compliance with international standards.

Be inspired by our collections designed to conceive an entire trendy outfit. Together we will evaluate and interpret the style you desire by choosing the fabric that best suits your needs.

The authentic style of Made in Italy

Founded in 1957, CNC Tessuti is one of the most innovative and solid European companies in the textile and apparel industry. Research, taste, creativity, experience and innovation are mingled to create unique collections able to satisfy all possible needs and tastes.


years and more of experience in the textile industry


Fabrics and fashion

Guaranteed quality

Our fabrics have a yield higher than the market average, a result of commitment and dedicated work of our quality control team as well as the strategic collaboration with the best analysis laboratories on the market, equipped with the most advanced technologies and highly qualified staff.

Trendy fabrics

Our collections, as result of careful research and selection, include more than 220 items, always available in stock in multiple colors and variants. In order to satisfy every request we can offer a totally customized service that provides dyeing, printing, embroidery, bonding and finishing solutions.

Excellent service

We support the customer in the purchase process guaranteeing reliability, speed and flexibility. Our sales team is young, dynamic and directed towards fast problem solving. We strongly focus on dialogue and collaboration, keys to success of an efficient and professional service.

By your side

We stand by the client at every stage. A synergy that starts from trends studies and interpretation of ideas, goes through the setting of the collections with a totally personalized service and continues with the purchase and post-purchase support.

We ensure a 360° service which makes us not a simple supplier but a real strategic partner.