CNC Tessuti s.r.l. roots can be traced back to 1957 as a brilliant intuition of its founder Francesco Casillo as a fabrics wholesaler company for womenswear. thanks to a continuous research activity and development, innovative solutions and to a dynamic young team it has become one of the strongest womenswear textile company in the european market.
CNC Tessuti s.r.l. with its two main sites in Nola and Prato has achieved important deals registering a constant increase in turnover with around fifteen milion meters of fabric sold per year to its more than 8.000 customers all over the world to whom CNC Tessuti s.r.l. can always guarantee the latest fashion trends products, with a customized high level service and an exceptional value for money.

Thanks to a meticulous and widespread search of new fashion products CNC Tessuti s.r.l. established itself as converter by offering services as: textile processing, dyeing, printings, finishing, bonding and embroidery. CNC Tessuti s.r.l. can meet and satisfy any needs of every kind of customer.

This allowed CNC Tessuti s.r.l. to differentiate itself from its competitors focusing on: research, quality, inspection, customization, punctuality.

“In order to be irreplaceable one must be always different” (Coco Chanel)